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rules for this homepage

Here you can read the rules for using the informations like the copyright from this website. But attention, the german text is the using text. neverthless we try to translate the text:


Legal references:


We, Dr. Lothar Nieber and Sebastian preserving forest operate this Website honorary in our spare time. In accordance with § 6 MDTSV we are contentwise responsible for this Website. We strive, with which us forces the available that the contained information on this Internet appearance (koordinationstraining.com) is up-to-date, complete and applicable. An adhesion or a warranty is in this connection however impossible. Besides we reserve ourselves the right, which published or supplement information also without announcements to change.

referring to adhesion:

On the associated Website of the kinds of sport you find science-theoretical information and practical training examples for an explicit co-ordination training. Their acting as coaches is with it was theortisch supported, there the theories, methods and strategies scientifically founded and most presented exercises practically tested. With the application of the exercises and play forms are to be paid attention please to general safety standards and correct remarks. We do not take over adhesion for injuries, which happen in your training possibly with training examples of our Website, exactly the same as for damage, which develops from unfounded information or files!

With the judgement of 12. May 1998 (312 O 85/98 - adhesion for left) decided the regional court (LG) Hamburg that one has to if necessary also answer for contents of the left side by the yield of a on the left of, if one dissociates oneself not expressly from these contents. To all this left applies: For contents to strangers left on our Website we do not take over guarantee and adhesion.

reference to copyright:

Contents and files published on these Website and their lower surfaces are in copyright matters protected with the respective Web administrators. Copying and the spreading of the information published here are exclusively permitted by written permission of the operators. Using of texts, texts, sketches, videos and pictures is meant only for the private use. A duplication in the form of CD `s or the admission in electronic data bases like other Websiten is not permitted.


18.12.2004 S.Hegewald

Workshop in Sao Paulo
24.01.2014 eintägiger Workshop mit 30 Teilnehmern zum Thema "Zur Bedeutung einer systematischen Koordinationsschulung im Sportunterricht" (Vortrag, Diskussion und Praxis) am "Colégio Visconde de Po...

Unser Verein wiederholt eine der legendären Spowi-Feiern in Greifswald vom 27.-29.6.2014. Erwartet werden ehemalige Sportstudenten/innen aus den vergangenen 50 Jahren. Am 28.6.14 wird darüber hinau...

Fortbildungen 2014
Weiterhin wird Koordinationsschule e.V. Fortbildungen für den LSB MV, der Sportjugend, für die Unfallkassen in MV, Berlin und Brandenburg, den Leichathletikverband Hamburg, den Volleyballverband MV...

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